Let's Just Face It

90. I Failed My Kids, I Left Their Dad

May 03, 2023 Rakel Colina
Let's Just Face It
90. I Failed My Kids, I Left Their Dad
Show Notes

In this episode, I'll talk about a crucial and sensitive matter - the impact of leaving our child's father and how it affects our role as parents. It's essential to acknowledge that even though we may have ended a relationship with their dad, we can still fulfill our responsibilities as caring and nurturing parents. This situation can be challenging, but it's vital to recognize that leaving an abusive relationship is often necessary for the well-being of everyone involved.

Together, we'll explore ways to navigate this journey, focusing on providing a stable and loving environment for our children despite the changes in our personal lives. Join me for an insightful and compassionate discussion on ensuring we don't fail our kids as we move forward from this difficult chapter.

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